CAGE E2, the perfect companion for the new Z CAM E2 professional camera.

Taipan Cinema Tools announces the first, fully integrated rigging modular solution for the new Z CAM E2 professional cinema camera.

No compromise design, high quality materials and manufacturing processes for a new breed of cameras.

CAGE E2 at a glance.

1 – The new CAGE E2 is open to the standards: dual NATO rails, 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threads, ARRI 2-pin mount, 15mm standard rods
2 – The new CAGE E2 is modular: CAGE, RISER, TOP HANDLE and more accessories to come
3 – CAGE E2 has two standard NATO rails on the left and right sides; they’re always accessible from the top, even with the top handle mounted; NATO-based third-party accessories can be re-used
4 – CAGE E2 has ARRI standard 2-pin mounts on both sides
5 – The CAGE E2 RISER is a little work of art: it raises the E2 allowing for the easiest possible access to the memory bay; height-adjustable, standard, 15mm rods both front and side provide added versatility.
The height adjustable 15mm rods allow the users to a) use any lens adapter, b) use any mattebox, c) mount an external battery at the back to power everything, d) the user can screw-in other 15mm rods to create longer rails.
The CAGE E2 is the first cage* to have a riser built in.
6) The top handle can be mounted from the back or from the front of the camera.
7) The top handle has a compact quick-release mechanism that is both beautiful and robust.
8) The dual ball-joint mechanism of the smartphone holder allows for an easy and fast adjust, tilting the display at any angle.
The CAGE E2 construction employs black opaque hard anodized aerospace aluminum; the main CAGE E2 body is machined from a solid billet of aluminum for maximum robustness as well as lightness.

The CAGE E2 will be available in Q2 2018. Price TBA

*As per our knowledge.