SKY, Gomorra VR (EN)



The dynamic and engaging sequences of “Gomorra VR – We own the streets” were possible thanks to an all-italian new technology.

Avezzano, September 1st 2017 – Taipan Cinema Tools, owner of the internationally patented* 360° stabilization system UFO Pro, is proud to announce its final development stage.

The action packed scenes of “Gomorra VR – We Own the Streets”, featured at the 74th Venice International Film Festival Venice Virtual Reality, have been filmed thanks to the UFO Pro, a three-axis stabilizer, designed and built by Taipan Cinema Tools, Italy.

UFO Pro technology solves the “motion sickness” effect sensed to date by the spectator in immersive 360 ° videos. The sophisticated UFO electronic stabilization system completely eliminates vibrations and shocks by achieving perfectly stable and smooth 360° footage.

Spectacular pursuits and stunning action scenes will no longer be a limit even for the 360° video world, so far confined to static footage obtained using multiple cameras positioned on fixed supports .

The launch of the UFO Pro by Taipan Cinema Tools opens new frontiers to 360° video content creators, in all areas. A little technology marvel, made in Italy.

Click to learn more: UFO Pro product page

* International patent pending.

“Gomorra VR – We Own the Streets” was co-produced by Sky and ThinkCattleya with the collaboration of Cattleya and post-produced by MONOGRID.